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Heart Technology

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HEART TECHNOLOGY is Tower's original Pauling therapy drink mix.  A one-month preventive (or two-week therapeutic) supply of Tower's famous vitamin C, lysine and proline PLUS drink mix.  SERVING SIZE IS TWO SCOOPS.  Jar provides 30 servings per jar at two scoops per day. 

Product Jar Directions - As a dietary supplement take 2 level scoops daily in water or juice for cardiovascular support.  To extend shelf life keep opened jars in a cool, dry place or refrigerate during use.  Leave desiccant pad in the jar and close lid tightly.  Keep unopened jars in the freezer.  Heat and humidity may cause color or texture changes that do not affect product potency.  Product guarantee is 60 days from the purchase date.  The Pauling protocol is 1 jar per month for long-term maintenance and 2 to 3 jars per month for cardiovascular support.  Dosages of up to six scoops daily (3 jars per month) are considered safe.  This jar contains a 30-day supply at 2 level scoops per day.  Read warnings and use only as directed.  See ADVANCED DIRECTIONS  below .

Ingredients Per Daily ServingL-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 3,000 mg.  L-lysine 3,000 mg.  L-proline 400 mg.  Vitamin A 5,000 IU.  Vitamin E 422 IU.  Vitamin B2 3 mg.  L-arginine 200 mg.  Vitamin B6 25 mg.  Folic acid 400 mcg.  Stevia.

How Much Should I Take?  To receive the Linus Pauling-recommended therapeutic nutriceutical levels for established cardiovascular disease select 2-3 jars monthly for at least 9-12 months.  

Guarantee:  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within 60 days of original shipping date.

Storage:  Refrigerate or freeze product before and during use for longer shelf life.

Additional Product Information: 
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The Pauling Therapy Explained:  The Pauling Therapy - Is It a "Cure" for Heart Disease? 

Pauling Therapy Frequently Asked Questions:  Frequently Asked Questions About The Pauling Therapy


To achieve sustained blood levels of vitamin C and lysine, the following guidelines are suggested.

If using 1 jar monthly:  Take 1 scoop in the morning in water 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 scoop in the evening in water 30 minutes before dinner.
If using 2 jars monthly:  Take 2 scoops in the morning in water 30 minutes before breakfast and 2 scoops in the evening in water 30 minutes before dinner.  Alternatively, take 1 scoop 4 times a day in water, preferably before meals and the last at bedtime.

If using 3 jars monthlyTake 2 scoops in the morning in water 30 minutes before breakfast, 2 scoops mid-afternoon in water 30 minutes before a snack, and 2 scoops in water at bedtime.   

IMPORTANT:  Do not skip doses simply because you may not be planning to eat or you forgot to take the dose before your meal.  Take it whenever you remember.

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